Retractable Screens

Retractable Screens

We are using Mirage retractable screens. Mirage is known for its quality and smoothness of the door. Mirage Screens are Canadian made and are tested to last at least 69 years and have a Lifetime Warranty.

The Product


  • Components that are engineered to last!

  • Superior powder coating (and available in the widest range of colors!)

  • Ultra-smooth screen guides made from self-lubricating space-aged plastics!

  • Adjustable Spring Tension for smooth closing NEVER slamming doors!

  • Pet-friendly reinforced screen options!

  • Corrosion-resistance for oceanfront homes!


Technical information

  • Housing, pull-bar and track made from extruded aluminum

  • UV and impact resistant plastic components are used

  • Self-lubricating plastic guides allow the screen to slide smoothly with minimal wear

  • Adjustable spring tensions

  • Corrosion resistant super magnet latch system and Easy Grip sliding latches

  • Maximum height: 108"

  • Maximum width: 64" (128" for a French Door)

The PivotPro handle

The Mirage PivotPro easy release handle operates with a simple twist of the handle which allows the strong, rare earth magnet to easily detach from the closure. This innovative product feature is the perfect solution to ensuring that the retractable screen door is operational for both children and the elderly.

  • No tugging or pulling the screen to open

  • Can be opened with one hand; maintain control and smoothness of the screen

  • Ergonomically shaped for easy grasp

  • Fits all door applications

  • Simple installation with few mechanical parts